During COVID-19

During COVID-19

During the toughest time of COVID-19.

To ensure we can supply molds/products to our customers as usual.
What kind of epidemic prevention work are we doing?

Tracking employees’ condition weekly.

After every weekend, we have our employees fill out the questionnaire.
To know whether they went to any risky place, how did they go and who went along with. And also make sure our employee have enough mask when they want to use.


Teaching the newest epidemic prevention knowledge.

Taiwanese government announces the latest epidemic prevention knowledge in response to the trend of COVID-19 situation.
SA CHEN informs this information to our employees, too.


When we’ve got visitors…

We strictly ask our employees for wearing masks as long as being in the company. Also, measure their body temperature and have them wash hands with soap frequently.
Whenever they’re out of the company for business, we also ask the same for them.


It’s crucial to “keep distance”

We follow the government’s safe social distance advisement
outside 1 meter, and inside less then 1.5 meter, depending on being indoor or not.
In addition, we ensure the air circulates well in the workplace and changed the dining method to the lunch box way.