About Us

About Us

Sa Chen has started from 1987 by Scotty Lin and Scomin Lin, since then we have been actively developing all kinds of precision molds. We, as a team, have been working very hard in the past and now we have been recognized by many famous brand customers as the “best-of-the-best” mold making and designing supplier. We appreciate our customers giving us all the support and recognition to help us continue growing stronger in terms of skill level and business. In double density mold and double density injection, we have been praised by our customers. Moreover, we are the LEADER in making thin shell products in Taiwan.

We always carry out an undertaking from start to finish. Our belief is that “QUALITY” is our first priority, and also we understand that innovation and creativity are essential to us. As well as to respect our customers and stand on customers’ point of view, so “The Customer is always RIGHT” becomes one of our policies. The moment from Sa Chen’s establishment, growth and expansion, we as a whole have the same goal to strive toward.

Sa Chen being a professional plastic injection mold maker, we have a slogan which is “To be Professional, Innovative, and Supportive”. We work hard to pursue excellence, continuous growth, more than that we will attempt to use management skills to ensure that we meet with high standards and also be able to continue to improve so that we can succeed in this industry.


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Taichung City 2018 Golden Hand Award for Outstanding SMEs

2012 Healthy Workplace

 ISO Certification
 Verification from TÜV Germany

DUNS Certification 

2014 D&B Top 1000 Elite SME Award