About Us

     SA CHEN STEEL MOLD was founded in 1987, with more-than-30-year experience of making mold. It has started in 1987 by Scotty Lin and Scomin Lin, since then we have been actively developing all kinds of precision molds.

     We specialize in manufacturing and designing all kinds of plastic injection mold and also do mass production service for our clients.

     SA CHEN, as a team, from the initial mold design and manufacture (CNC, wire-cutting, polishing, etc.) to the final mold trial, we do the one-stop service. To make sure every process is outstanding and can solve any problem at once by ourselves, then improve quality.

     As the best-of-the-best mold making and designing supplier. We appreciate our clients giving us all the support and recognition to help us continue growing stronger in terms of skill level and business.

     Sincerely serving every customer, we really appreciate that many clients introduced more new clients to us and always make our insistence on quality earn excellent recognition from our clients.

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 Company Profile  

 Date of Foundation: 

 March 15th, 1987 

 Number of Member:

 70 members 

 Area of Factory: 

 4300 m² (about 46300 ft²)

 ISO Certification: 

 ISO 9001:2015 & ISO13485:2016 

 Subsidiary Company: 

 Thailand _ SMART MOLD CO., LTD. (Home page)


 Plastic Injection Mold Manufacture

 Mass Production ( Normal / Double injection (2K) / Transparent Part / Insert Molding / Clean Room )

 Spiral Baffle Boards ( Mold cooling Parts )

 Capable Mold Size (Mold Weight):

 50 kgs~10 tons

 Capable Mold Size (M/C Ton):

 50 tons~1480 tons

 Capable Mold Type:

 1. General Mold (Cold & Hot Runner)( Single & Multi-Cavity)

 2. Variotherm Mold/Heat & Cool Weldless Mold

 3. Double Injection / 2 Colors / 2K Mold

 4. Insert Molding Mold

 5. Overt Molding Mold

 6. Optical / LED Lens Mold

 7. Ultra Thin/Micro Plastic Part Mold


 Mold design department

 CNC department

 Wire-cut department

 Benching department

 Polish department

 Injection department

 Quality control department 

 Sales department

 Capable Language

 English, Japanese, Mandarin, Taiwanese


Main End Customers:

SA CHEN-Our major END Clients





ISO 13485: 2016 Certification

BellCERT Group ー ICIM

Bureau Veritas
ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

TÜV Germany Cerification


DUNS Certification 

(D-U-N-S® Num: 65-744-4139)


D&B Top 1000 Elite SME Award


Taiwan Taichung City Government
Golden Hand Award for Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)




Taiwan Workforce Development Agency
Taichung area Education Training SME Outstanding Company