SA CHEN STEEL MOLD CO., LTD., Educational Training Program: "The staff's proficient use of AED emergency skills makes them invaluable teammates in rescue operations!"

"In the critical moment, every minute counts! SA CHEN Steel Mold Co., Ltd. (hereinafter abbreviation called ‘SA CHEN Steel Mold’) to enhance employees' response capabilities to emergencies by organizing a professional AED emergency training session in the factory. We are delighted to have invited professionals to personally conduct training for all employees and provide individual guidance and instruction afterward. This training not only equips employees with the skills to use AED emergency equipment but also transforms them into invaluable rescue aids in the workplace, adding a significant layer of security to the company's stabilizing force!"

SA CHEN - AED Educational Training in 2024 - 1

AED namely Automated External Defibrillator which is a crucial device used for emergency cardiac arrest. Through this training session, employees of SA CHEN Molds have learned how to correctly use AED in emergency situations and have acquired effective first aid skills. This training is not only enhancing employees' ability to handle emergency case but also strengthens their spirit of teamwork and sense of responsibility.

"We recognize that the safety and health of our employees is a vital cornerstone of company development, through this AED first aid training, we aim to provide necessary first aid skills to our employees, enabling them to become good first aid in the workplace and provide timely assistance to colleagues or others in need when necessary." said a spokesman for SA CHEN Steel Molds.

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This training has been warmly welcomed by the employees and highly praised by company executives. Many employees expressed feeling more confident and reassured after the training, they are known to possess the capability to handle emergency situations now.

SA CHEN Steel Mold Co., Ltd. has been committed to enhancing the comprehensive quality and capability of its employees, continuously improving its safety management system, and creating a safe and healthy workplace for its employees. In the future, SA CHEN Steel Mold will keep to organize similar training sessions, continuously enhancing the emergency reaction capability of its employees, and safeguarding the company's development.