SA CHEN is pleased to announce a collaboration with a certain public university, initiating an impactful carbon inventory project aimed at actively addressing global climate change challenges. This partnership will integrate SA CHEN's expertise in the environmental field with the academic research strength of the university, working together to inventory and reduce carbon footprints, promoting green and sustainable development.


SA CHEN's future focus is on the ISO 14067 carbon footprint standard, aiming to establish a more rigorous carbon emission assessment system. Through this initiative, we aspire not only to achieve carbon neutrality in our operations but also to drive environmental awareness and practices across industries. This collaboration is a tangible step in fulfilling SA CHEN's corporate social responsibility, demonstrating our commitment to a sustainable future.


SA CHEN looks forward to exploring more environmental innovations and advancing technological developments in collaboration with the university. Together, we strive to achieve a low-carbon economy and a sustainable society. We believe this collaboration will inject new momentum into the industry, collectively building a cleaner and healthier environment.